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theblogginglifeWhy yes, my happy little blog has gotten a facelift!  Which is just about as glamorous as it sounds, as evidenced by that uber-flattering photo of me working away on it.  In my bed.  In the middle of the day.  (And yes I do have a rather angry resting/concentrating face.  Anytime I’m candidly captured in a photo I look mad, even though I’m NOT, and I have actually had people ask me before if I’m mad and I say NO!, I just LOOK mad.  It’s confusing, I know.  Sorry.)

Here’s something you need–and I mean NEED–to know about me: I like to change things up every once in awhile.  I like to move, I like to switch out pillows on my couch, and I like to buy new clothes.  None of this makes any sense whatsoever to my happy-to-keep-doing-things-the-same-way husband, but he puts up with it because he loves me.  And this is one of the reasons that I love HIM.  Boom.  We’re such a great match, he and I.

In any case, I hadn’t been happy with my blog’s functionality or design for a long time, and finally got the urge to do something about it.  I typically get this sort of urge when I have no time–seriously people, NO TIME!!!–to be working on it, but I figure when motivation hits, you run with it.  So, here it is.  It’s not finished, but overall?  I’m pretty excited.

Time will of course tell how much I actually end up liking this look–my dear husband informed me the other day that I like to buy blog templates like some women like to buy shoes.  Of course I like to buy blog templates AND shoes, which may just mean that I’m twice the average woman.  OR that I’m wishy-washy and neurotic.  I think I’ll go with the former!

Truth be told, I am hopelessly and perpetually seeking out inspiration.  I think this design is a little more “me”, and I hope that means I’ll be more likely to share my random thoughts, musings, and photographs with all of YOU.

Incidentally, if you really like what you see here?  The stories about mouse-catching and breastfeeding in the Sistine Chapel, and the time I ticked off a bunch of people when I said 50 Shades of Grey was for the birds?  Please consider subscribing–either through email or a reader.  Please consider sharing posts through social media.  Please think about commenting.  Please “like” my page on Facebook.  Basically, participate! I beg of you!, because otherwise it gets real lonely and I start to wonder if anybody’s out there even though I know you are, because I can see you through my handy-dandy stat tracker, and so then I sit and wonder why isn’t anyone talking to me, was it something I said, IS IT MY ANGRY RESTING FACE?!?!?!

One final thing: you’ll notice that after many years, I’ve changed the title of my blog.  Dropped the “Just Showing Up” for the utterly narcissistic and self-promoting “Brianna Heldt”.  If you’re wondering why, there are two reasons: 1) I wanted my title to actually match the site’s URL (it got a bit tiresome having to give two answers anytime someone asked “What is your blog?” and I had to say “Well it’s called Just Showing Up, but you can find it at  And 2) Name recognition.  After having enough encounters where somebody met me and then said after about five minutes, “Oh that was YOU that wrote that!”, I decided that I should just roll with my name.  So.  There you have it.  I’m in the process of trying to get my Facebook page’s name changed as well (good grief, they want documentation, as if this is some really important high-security situation) but that may take awhile, so in the meantime it’s still Just Showing Up over there.

Whew.  Now that I’m done explaining all of the things that no one cares about but me, welcome to my new blog!  So glad to have you reading along!

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12 thoughts on “New look

  1. I really love reading your blog and think it’s great that you follow your urge to change things up. I am the same way – constantly rearranging furniture in my house is my main thing – and I find that it really refreshes and rejuvenates me as I go about my simple daily life :).
    Kelly Phillips Flynn recently posted…Tough LoveMy Profile

  2. I, too, sometimes have an angry resting face (or, in urban dictionary terms, RBF). I’ll keep yours in mind when we meet in Austin! 😉 Wouldn’t want to start any accidental drama!

    (I feel a little bit like I’m stalking you–look, I found you on Instagram! On Twitter! Here I am commenting!–but I actually was pointed to your blog a few weeks ago, before Hallie connected us. Please believe me when I say I’m mostly normal, and will NOT do anything weird like follow you into the bathroom of the hotel room. I’m sure you get enough of that at home, anyway!)
    Jessica Carney recently posted…5 Favorites: Baby StuffMy Profile

    •! And yes, now we’ll both know ahead of time that neither of us are angry. :)

      Oh my goodness, if you DO follow me into the bathroom, I will feel RIGHT at home–pretty sure both my shower and toilet have a noisy alarm that goes off and alerts that NOW IS THE TIME to tattle, cry, get hurt, have needs.

      Can’t wait to meet you!!!!

  3. “And this is one of the reasons that I love HIM. ”

    I read this the first time as “reasons that I love H&M,” which says a little too much about things I like to buy/change up…

    I’m looking from my phone, so I’m probably missing some things, but I like the new look. I’m working (slowly slowly) on a re-brand of my photog/blog stuff, but going the other way – away from my name. So much spelling!

    Keep writing! I think you have a great voice and I appreciate how you take on deep topics in a lighthearted tone. Not accusing or condemning, but not pretending to be anything you’re not. Bam.

    • Okay Lashley, H&M question: went to the outlet recently. COMPLETELY disappointed. Is the store itself much better? B/c the outlet was rather sad! And, miss you!

  4. Im here! Im reading! Sometimes I comment! :) I cant really see what the new look looks like from my phone but I’ll be checking back later from the old PC. Im sure its great. Much love to all the Heldts!

  5. I’m here! Always reading, but barely ever commenting because I can’t do it from my phone.
    I have an angry resting face too. Our first year of marriage- Hubby “Babe, what’s wrong?” Me “Nothing!…stop asking me that!” And my extreme tired face looks like I’m crying. People probably think I hate everything, but I’m actually pretty happy:)
    Laura Smeby recently posted…One shared recipe and a lot about CostcoMy Profile

  6. I like the new blog design! I remember my mom used to have the “angry resting face” when I was a little kid (thanks for coining the term). I have a feeling I have got it too now that I’m a (tired) mom. let’s just call it the “mommy’s resting face.”