7 Quick Takes through Instagram {2/21/14}


Linking up with the wonderful Jeannett Gibson and Jennifer Fulwiler this morning for 7 Quick Takes, as seen through my camera phone.  So fun looking back through my week and seeing all that we did–mostly silly, mundane stuff but that’s kind of our life, and I really kind of love it.











1.) We’ve been going through our things and getting rid of stuff.  Which is this entire PROCESS that necessitates many rounds of sorting and figuring out what you want to keep, and what you don’t.  It is, possibly, one of my favorite activities in all the world.  For reals.  In any case, I came across a couple of trophies from the elementary school spelling bee, of which I was a part.  Our team got third place, which at the time made me sad because I love spelling, and I also love to win.  I THINK I spelled my words right, but apparently the rest of the team didn’t fare as well.  OR I have a false memory, and I’m the one that blew it.  Anyway, something really helpful if you have a hard time throwing out old artifacts like this is?  Take a photograph.  Then get rid of the item.  And then blog about it.  You won’t have junk laying around, but you’ll have the memory preserved so that when you’re old and gray you can look back and say hey, remember when I was really awesome and got third place in a spelling bee?











2.)  My daughter took this picture of my son and other daughter with her new camera.  I love it.  Some people think it’s less-than-desirable to have little babies when you have bigger kids–too big a sacrifice, holds big kids back, isn’t fair to the older child, feels like you’re starting over, blah blah blah.  To that I say, in the words of Dwight Schrute, FALSE.  My little pixie of an Alice is SO.CRAZY.LOVED.  By every member of this family.  We are all better for her being here.  And when I look through my eldest daughter’s pictures that she’s taken, a good 70% of them are shots of an older sibling posing with their baby sister.  New life is precious, and good for families.  The end.












3.)  What kind of a person hauls 8 KIDS to the dentist ON THE SAME DAY?  Me.  That’s who.  It’s a little nutty, but it’s also all kinds of awesome because this particular practice is SO NICE, loves our family, and yeah, it’s pretty great to get it all over with in one day.  And do you see that girlie in the above picture?  About to go sit in the dentist’s chair?  Yeah, she’s the one that was much too afraid to see the dentist six months ago.  As in, wouldn’t budge, was crying, it was awful.  But this time?  She was BRAVE!  Marched right in, in spite of her fears, and did great.  And then she was “widdy, widdy” (as she would say) proud of herself.  Love.












4.)  And this girl.  Mekdes has Down syndrome and is highly sensitive to sensory stuff.  So much so that last time she had a dental exam, she just couldn’t handle it.  It was HORRIBLE, but she has so many dental issues that we had no choice but to have her teeth looked at.  So I geared up for another bad day but guess what?  SHE ROCKED IT!  Cooperated, didn’t cry, and felt so incredibly proud when it was over.  She’ll actually be having dental surgery under general anesthesia next month, and it’ll feel so good to have her issues addressed.  She’s growing up, and it’s pretty sweet.












5.)  Why yes, I DO give myself rewards when I do really fantastic feats of power and strength–like taking 8 kids to see the dentist.  My current reward of choice?  Vanilla Coke.  From Sonic.  With their magical ice pellets and Styrofoam cups of goodness and joy.  I don’t care if it’s unhealthy, gives me my own cavities, or contains petroleum-laden HFCS.  It’s good.  And I earned it.  So there.













6.)  I know, this is kind of a dumb picture.  But it’s my week.  During which I got this hare-brained idea to change up my blog’s look, title, everything.  It took a bit of work, during which I wasn’t paying 100% attention to the little minions running around my house.  And one of them took the opportunity to grab my phone and take a lot of pictures, including this one.  Of me, doing stuffs on the computer.  Tis an exciting, glamorous, fancy life I lead!













7.)  You guys.  I have this neurotic thing where I have to be in control of certain household duties.  If Kevin wants to vacuum or do the yardwork or change diapers or load the dishwasher, YES PLEASE!  But the laundry?  I just feel like I need to do that, otherwise I’m somehow failing as a woman.  So when Kevin told me he needed this particular load of laundry done I was all, “Oh yeah, no problem.”  Except my other issue (that of intensely severe procrastination and avoidance tendencies) came into play, and I kept putting it off, and then I kept forgetting, but insisting that I was Going To Do It.  Finally, on this particular morning, I came downstairs to find it obstructing my path to my coffeemaker.  The man knows me so well.  I had a good laugh.  Laundry is done.

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3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes through Instagram {2/21/14}

  1. OH my. I do all 4 of my kids at the dentist at once. It can be quite a feat. Good for you for doing all 8 — and what an awesome dentist to do everyone at the same time. =)
    I also love Sonic Vanilla Coke (the ice is the best ever). SO yummy. I haven’t had one in years but you’ve given me a craving!
    Lastly, Laundry is also something I feel the need to do myself. At least the sorting and washing part. And really I like to do they dryer part too. He can do the folding. That’s ok with me. 😉
    Mindy Curtis recently posted…Moments {2.21.14}My Profile